Fees for Tenants and Landlords


For Tenants

Before you move in

Set up Fee:                                                                                         £180.00 (inc. VAT for up to two tenants)

Additional Tenant Fee:                                                                        £25 (inc. VAT per tenant)

Guarantor Fee (if required):                                                                 £25 (inc. VAT per guarantor)

Permitted Occupier Fee:                                                                      £25 (inc. VAT per permitted occupier)

Pet Deposit:                                                                                        £100 (inc. VAT per tenant)

During your tenancy

Amendment Fee:                                                                               £50 (inc. VAT)

Renewal Fee:                                                                                    £50 (inc. VAT)

Out of Hours Service:                                                                        £60 (inc. VAT)

Professional Cleaning (if required):                                                   £15 (inc. VAT per hour)


For Landlords

Checkout Fee                                                                                 £0

Arrangement Fee for works over £500                                          10% of net cost

Arrangement Fee for refurbishments over £500                            10% of net cost

Rent Review Fee:                                                                           £60 (inc. VAT)

Renewal Fee:                                                                                  £60 (inc. VAT)

Court Attendance:                                                                           £60 (inc. VAT)

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