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Today is Evaluate your life day! Before you think, what on earth are these people talking about, we didn’t know there was such a thing either….

On further reflection though, we thought it might be a good thing to sit back and evaluate things every once in a while, to improve our lives and step closer to our goals. So today, take some time out with us to look at your life in a way you might not have thought about before.

1.  Ask yourself – ‘did today really matter?’

You could spend ages dwelling on the fact that you tripped up the stairs on the way to a business meeting, or that petty email a colleague sent you, but in the grand scheme of things none of that will matter tomorrow - Did today matter? If so, great. Do more things like it tomorrow. Can’t remember anything in particular that made a difference? Well, better change it up.

2.  What will make today, or this week a success?

Prioritise in order to get these things done so you make progress on the things that will make you feel accomplished.

3. Use a goal tracker to align your ‘to-do’s’ with your goals

Some people use apps, some people use good old pen on paper, but having a track of goals really helps with prioritising – you can even have different ones for home, work, and education. Maybe you want to move home, or get a promotion, perhaps you’ve been looking into getting the next qualification.

4. Do what you’ve been putting off

Eat that pesky frog, address the elephant on your to do list – stop making excuses and just F*uk!ng do it! Don’t answer emails, don’t look at your phone and don’t avoid what needs to be done!

5. Track your happiness

How many times have you felt actively happy today, or this week, even this month? Where did those moments come from, and how can you have more of them?

6.  Answer two questions when you start the day

-          How are you feeling now?

-          What do you want to feel at the end of the day? 

Go back to your answers throughout the day to track how close you are to your daily goal – this will help you to achieve it before the day is done.

Although evaluate your life day only comes once a year, it probably isn’t a bad thing to look at your life and realign your goals and wants every now and again.

Having written this, I think I’ll certainly be doing more self-evaluation!