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As always, experts have some predictions on how people’s homes will be taking shape over the next year. In 2022 the focus will be around reclaiming space that has been taken up by home working, as well as bringing nature indoors.

Colour palettes will become more adventurous as the future takes on a more hopeful and positive shape, when compared to the past 2 years.

Trend number 1. Statement lights

Lighting will be re looked at as decorative objectives, seen as both fashionable and functional. On Etsy, trends show that there have been huge increases in searches for 70’s, structural and vintage lighting.

Eden House has a gorgeous statement light over the kitchen island, which we will certainly be taking inspiration from this year!


Trend number 2. Bedroom retreat

Over the past 18 months, we have seen bedrooms double as home offices, in 2022 the focus here is on retuning the bedroom to a calm and peaceful retreat.

The bedroom will be a place for rest and recuperation with mood lighting, soothing colour palettes and layers of comforting textures. Removing clutter and distractions and making the bed inviting and cosy.


Trend number 3. Green hues

Our connection to the outside has never been more important, after lockdown after lockdown we have the power to let nature, and natural hues to uplift and revitalise us. If you’ll remember from last year’s trend blog, we wrote about inviting the outside in, and this is much the same.

From a colour point of view, we have greens galore, sage, olive, and mineral based colours as well as rich jewel toned velvets. We will see green and natural tones blended into our interiors through the use of plants, timber, and terracotta.

Trend number 4. Colourful kitchens

As we slowly emerge from the uncertainty of pandemic life, bright and optimistic colourways are popular through the home. Kitchens are no longer confined to neutrals, blacks and whites, there is a move towards painted walls, accessories, and splashbacks. Colour in the kitchen can give a retro or a modern feel, bold, or chaotic – there’s no doubt that there’s something for everyone!


Trend number 5. Cottagecore

If you read our Autumn trends 2020 blog and our trends for 2021 blog, thanks in no small part to the saturation of dreamy content shared across Instagram and TikTok, you'll know we’ve had Cottagecore on our minds since lockdown 1! The main theme of this trend is really embracing the wholesome simplicity, and comfort of being at home whilst bringing us outside and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle at the heart of it all.