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Price isn’t aligned with the rest of the market

Pricing outside of the market brackets can cause issues - If a property is well above the price of similar properties, then it will fail to get viewers through the door or potentially leading to your property going stale on the market. It is important to price properties in line with the rest of the market to avoid this and using a local estate agent is the best way to get your property priced accurately.

Stale on The Market

If a property is on the market for a long time, it runs the risk of getting overlooked by new buyers simply because the property has not sold in the time it has been marketed. That being said, new potential buyers enter the market every single day meaning that staleness can be avoided if the price is right.

Niche Property

Whilst showing individuality and personality in your home is not a bad thing, what is cool, quirky, or eccentric to one person might be downright weird, or off-putting to another. That collection of sculls in the spare room might seem harmless to you but be bizarre to others. We would recommend a whitewash on the walls and a sort out to remove any clutter from the home before getting the estate agent out to do the photos.

Poorly Presented

For most potential buyers, walking into a messy home on a viewing with pets running riot or children’s toys strewn about the place will not give them the homely feel they want from their potential new home. To avoid this, make sure rooms are tidy and maybe even have a neighbour or friend take the dog for a walk whilst conducting viewings.

Not only does presentation matter, but buyers expect a property to have the basics in place so features like central heating and even double glazing are an expectation from most buyers. If your property is lacking in these areas, it goes without saying that this could lessen its appeal as it will come as added cost to them on top of the purchase.

Bad Marketing  

In this day and age, the first time the majority of buyers see a property it is online. Given the choice of properties readily available to see on the market it is easy for those with weaker marketing to get overlooked if the photos are subpar or the descriptions aren’t up to a similar standard to other agents. If our agent is providing marketing below the standard you are expecting, let them know, about it as you are paying for the service.